Commercial underfloor heating is a specialism of ours

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Now that schools are re-opened after Covid 19 and many workers have returned from remote working, your attention may have switched to keeping your staff warm this autumn and winter. The tabloid press have had their usual doom and gloom predictions of the "coldest winter ever" when their predictions are often wrong. But summer has

A wise man (or woman) chooses Viessmann

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Viessmann touts itself as the the UK's most reliable boilers and heating providers and, as an accredited installer, we wouldn't argue with that. There's certain brands that have a premium reputation (and price tag) for the products and services they offer, like Apple, VW, BMW, Rolex and Omega and Viessmann are in that company, albeit

Commercial Heating Solutions have expanded their service offerings

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You may (or may not) have spotted on the NEW SERVICES tab on the HOME page that we're now accredited with VIESSMANN. If you're not familiar with the brand, we'll give a brief introduction. Viessmann are rightly regarded as a premium manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment for homes and businesses alike. We clearly deal

Commercial Heating has two new sectors – Mechanical and Technical

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Commercial Heating Solutions now has an extra 2 divisions because of increased workload and positive feedback from our clients. CHS Mechanical which will cover: Boiler, Hot water and pipework Installations Mechanical Services Welding and Electro fusion services AHU and Air Source Installations Commercial Electrical Installations CHS Technical which will cover: Gas Purging Oil and LPG

Liverpool and its proud industrial heritage

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If you've ever visited Liverpool, or even live here, you'll know what a fine city it is. Like its neighbour (and rival) Manchester, it's had to reinvent itself as the industries that made it wealthy have largely gone. It was built on cotton and, more unappealing, slavery. It has other associations too - football, music

Are you looking for a commercial heating engineer?

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Believe it or not, but the role of commercial heating engineer is an endangered one. Just two years ago, the skills shortage in the sector was being talked about and the global pandemic has deepened the low supply levels. The problems of high demand and low supply of commercial heating engineer can mainly be attributed

Great news for Neil and Commercial Heating Solutions

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The past year, to put it mildly, has been a challenge for so many of us. New words have entered daily conversation like "Working From Home" and "Furlough" and the economy and peoples' lives have been battered by Coronavirus. We've never known a period like it - and we're sure you haven't either. As key

Why you need a heating servicing plan for a hotel

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It is crucial that you have an effective, well-functioning heating service and maintenance plan to cover your back in any event. So whether you’re a hotel or a home, we are here to fulfil the potential of your heating system. Hotel heating service and maintenance specialists It’s important that you have a fully functioning heating

Is your commercial heating supply winter-ready?

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As we’re quickly approaching winter, it’s important that you check that your heating system is in good working order. That includes businesses as well as home and community areas such as schools. That’s why we have put together a short check list with some common problems commercial boilers have to deal with. We have years

What is the difference between a plumber and commercial heating engineer?

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What is the difference between a plumber and commercial heating engineer? We have had many customers assume in the past that our commercial heating engineers (based in Liverpool and Wirral) are the same as plumbers as both roles can sometimes work on the same items within your property. But there is a distinct

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