You may (or may not) have spotted on the NEW SERVICES tab on the HOME page that we’re now accredited with VIESSMANN. If you’re not familiar with the brand, we’ll give a brief introduction.

Viessmann are rightly regarded as a premium manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment for homes and businesses alike. We clearly deal primarily with the business market though we welcome enquiries from Housebuilders, housing associations and property developers to supply, install and maintain this quality equipment in homes.

We’ve all seen closely this past year the effects of climate change – from the tragic deaths from flooding in Germany and Belgium, to China and London being subject to flash flooding, with much of this attributed to global warming.

Businesses and homeowners need to do their bit to prevent this accelerating. We’ve all seen the move towards hybrid and electric cars, with the original Toyota Prius being joined by a group of premium vehicles from the likes of Jaguar, Audi and Tesla.

We’ve seen the rise of electric scooters too in trials (which are expected to become road-legal) and smart home and business technology where lights, heating, CCTV are all operated by apps. Alexa, Siri and Google are always listening to us, it seems.

Commercially, heating and cooling is playing catch-up.

Viessmann though are trailblazers for renewable, greener heating sources and we’re delighted to be accredited by them.

The offer a range of efficiently powerful gas boilers for commercial premises that are lower on greenhouse gas emissions and kinder to the wallet.

Heat pumps are another exciting advance, again offered by us and Viessmann:

Heat pumps allow you to harness renewable energy from the sun, air, ground or groundwater, helping you to cut your CO2 emissions and lower your energy bills.

It’s a very clever concept that is explained well here:

There are two primary forms of heat pumps:

  1. Air source
  2. Ground source

Air source heat pumps are like a refrigerator, though in reverse. They take heat from the air and boost it to a higher temperature using a compressor. You may think with Britain’s cold winters they won’t be efficient – but that’s untrue. They work effectively with air temperatures down to -15 degrees and, let’s be honest, those sort of temperatures are incredibly rare in the UK. In fact the average temperature comes in at 10 degrees across the year, with Scotland being cooler at 7 degrees. The lowest ever recorded was -17 in Aberdeen in 1892 – so it’s not something to worry about!

Ground source pumps work by heating and cooling from the ground. Primarily there are two ways heat can be used – either from open loop or closed loop circuits. Their efficiency is staggering too – they are 400% more efficient than a modern combination gas boiler for example, which reduces heating bills and the environmental footprint. With global warming being all too evident in rising sea levels and rising temperatures, ground source heat pumps are a great way of being green and even following your home or business.

We hope this post has been useful.

If you’re looking for new greener ways of heating your commercial premises – a business unit, a school, a hospital, a prison or a new property development – contact us today on 0151 513 4363 or via email to