Viessmann touts itself as the the UK’s most reliable boilers and heating providers and, as an accredited installer, we wouldn’t argue with that. There’s certain brands that have a premium reputation (and price tag) for the products and services they offer, like Apple, VW, BMW, Rolex and Omega and Viessmann are in that company, albeit in the field of commercial heating.

So what makes Viessmann so special?

For a start, they’re German; a nation synonymous with engineering excellence. Just think of a German car and you’re hard pressed to match the build quality and engines produced by the VAG, Porsche or BMW groups. In this world of climate change, Viessman produce boilers that are low on carbon emissions and high on efficiency. Longevity is assured too, so you know that by choosing Neil and Commercial Heating Solutions, a Viessman system will last for years and years.

Industrial water heaters and boilers

If you’re managing large premises, you need boilers and heaters suitable for your building’s needs. A domestic gas boiler will not cope. Viessman offers three great alternatives

Low pressure hot water boilers

These use “natural circulation”, which, in layman’s terms, means you don’t need multiple pumps to circulate water and heat.

High pressure hot water boilers

These have higher flow temperatures and are perfect for certain industrial and commercial settings.

Additionally, the comprehensive product range from Viessmann includes hot water boilers up to 20 MW

Commercial buildings expend most energy in the production of hot water, not heat, which is seasonal. Just as you turn heating off at home, during spring to autumn (usually), a commercial building may do the same. Hot water though is required all year round and Viessmann delivers this well.

This premium brand is so sure of its quality that it offers a 2 year warranty as standard, but, if fitted by us, this automatically extends to 5 or 7 years (or 10 years for additional cost). You can see the warranties in full here.

One of our most popular boiler installations at Commercial Heating Solutions, Liverpool is the Vitodens 200-W. This compact boiler comes in a variety of outputs to suit your commercial needs. It comes, in all outputs, with great features like:

  • Energy rating of A
  • Low electrical consumption with typical business savings of £105 per annum
  • 98% gross efficiency
  • Anti-corrosive and self-cleaning components
  • High pressure output of up to 6Bar
  • Low noise emissions
  • At its highest capacity, the ability to heat and provide water to buildings of 18 floors

The other USP of Viessmann boilers is their adaptability – all fuel types can be utilised for such systems – gas, oil, biomass and solar energy, as well as heat from the ground, outdoor air or waste heat generated by production processes.

So how do you know when your heating system needs an overhaul? We will be covering this, in depth, in our next post, but some indicators are here:

  • Persistent need for repairs
  • Energy bills are rising due to inefficient heating systems
  • Spare parts are difficult to source / too expensive / unavailable

In the meantime, if you need expert, no-obligation advice on commercial heating solutions in Liverpool or across the UK, call us today: 0151 513 436 or email Neil at: