Believe it or not, but the role of commercial heating engineer is an endangered one. Just two years ago, the skills shortage in the sector was being talked about and the global pandemic has deepened the low supply levels.

The problems of high demand and low supply of commercial heating engineer can mainly be attributed to these factors:

  1. Lack of recruitment agencies who specialise in commercial heating job opportunities.
  2. An absence of engineering subjects in schools.

If we look at the second more closely, you’ll know if you’re of a certain age that vocational skills used to be taught at CSE, O Level and GCSE, in the form of CDT, Technology, Woodwork, Home Economics, Technical Drawing and Metalwork. Even those names would have an 18 year old scratching their heads in puzzlement.

It’s changed, in schools, partly because vocational courses have been removed in favour of GCSEs and because the economy’s needs have changed. The days of someone clocking on at 7am in a factory, engaging in a manufacturing process, until 4pm and clocking out, have largely gone.


Industry in the UK, manufacturing and design still exists and there are needs for people like us at Commercial Heating Solutions. Neil Jones, who heads this business, is permanently busy with his work in commercial settings – healthcare, schools and the prison service, to name but 3.

You can read more about Neil’s recent successes here.

A commercial heating engineer will save you money

What may be obvious to you, but we’ll point it out anyway, is that these three settings, for example, are all part of the public services.

Schools are attended by millions of staff and children every day and Covid 19 has put extra demand on hot water for hand-washing and deep cleaning by school staff.

The prison service is no different. Its staff and inmates require commercial heating that is reliable so that problems don’t occur.

Lastly, the NHS and private health providers are critical. Their heating, cooling and plumbing needs sit at the top of the commercial heating engineering pyramid, as their provision means life or death.

All three places need hot running water and heat in winter, spring and autumn.

There are other places too that would benefit from our expertise:

  1. Cafés and restaurants
  2. Hotels and public houses
  3. Leisure facilities
  4. Offices
  5. Shops and shopping centres

You need to choose wisely too.

A great commercial heating engineer will have the qualifications and experience of installing, maintaining and repairing larger commercial heating systems, pipework, gas and electricity work, meaning a business can operate efficiently and safely.

You have a duty of care too to your service users and should be fully aware that incorrect gas work can be fatal.

Infrequent and poorly serviced boilers can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions as well as carbon monoxide and gas poisoning.

Trusted and Professional

When it comes to commercial heating and plumbing services, it isn’t something you need every day. This makes it harder to find a reliable and trusted engineer within the industry, especially if you’ve never needed the services of one before.

That’s why we are here to help. We have a wealth of experience working in a variety of environments, including hotels, schools, industrial warehouses and even rooftops! Leaving your commercial installation to the professionals allows you to get on with the more important stuff, like growing your business and taking care of your customers.

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