Now that schools are re-opened after Covid 19 and many workers have returned from remote working, your attention may have switched to keeping your staff warm this autumn and winter. The tabloid press have had their usual doom and gloom predictions of the “coldest winter ever” when their predictions are often wrong. But summer has already slid into a cooler autumn and you may be debating at home, the need to toggle your heating on and your business may be having the same debate.

Underfloor heating is becoming increasingly popular in new homes and to top up cold spots like bathrooms or conservatories, but it is also seeing increased demand in the commercial sector.

It’s easy to see why too.

Here’s some reasons why:

  1. Underfloor heating is very efficient. It produces consistent heat levels across a room and the flooring itself often retains heat, like a woodburning stove would when it is no longer burning logs.
  2. There are no cold spots. Whereas traditional radiators have a certain reach and plumbers calculate thermal output based on room sizes, underfloor heating, when installed correctly, has blanket coverage.
  3. Safety. Schools are wising up to the benefits of underfloor heating too. There is no danger of someone getting burnt from underfloor heating. It also combats draughts much more effectively.
  4. Perfect for renewable energy sources. If you’re committed to green technology like air source or ground source pumps, underfloor heating is a perfect match. Combined with a low energy combi boiler, your business premises can show its commitment to eco matters and use it as a marketing tool.
  5. Cleaner. Studies have repeatedly show that there are lower dust levels in environments warmed by underfloor heating. Traditional radiators generate dust, which is why health care and leisure facilities perhaps are investing heavily in commercial underfloor heating.

There are other advantages too. Underfloor heating systems are easier to repair. When Commercial Heating Solutions are called out to look at an issue, 95% of the time the problem stems from faults above ground in wiring, for example. It’s a myth that if underfloor heating develops faults, you have to start exploring, like Dora, below ground.

The main issues are often connected with:

  • Wiring
  • Pipes that are air-locked
  • Pumps that are near the end of their life

You may, or may not, know too that commercial underfloor heating is enjoying something of a boom.

We quote from Global News Wire:

The deployment of electric underfloor heating units for both residential and commercial purposes is rising. This is owing to the various advantages of electric systems over their hydronic counterparts such as ease of installation and affordability.

There is also “pent-up demand” following furlough and lockdown in many sectors of society – it’s why used cars are doing something they never do – increasing in value! There’s a global shortage of materials for cars, like semi-conductor chips and the underfloor heating industry is struggling to meet demand because of consumer demand not just for cars, but homes.

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