What is the difference between a plumber and commercial heating engineer?

We have had many customers assume in the past that our commercial heating engineers (based in Liverpool and Wirral) are the same as plumbers as both roles can sometimes work on the same items within your property. But there is a distinct different between the two jobs roles and that’s why we’re writing this blog, so you can call out the right person in your time of need.

Plumbers and their role

Plumbers used to work with lead piping when the role very first came about. The name itself actually comes from the Latin word for lead, plumbum. And the name has stuck every since. Plumbers nowadays don’t tent to deal with lead pipes any more, and if they do then they are usually removing them from properties. So if you’re having issues with appliances like dishwashers, washing machines or toilets and sinks. Really anything that is connect to wet or dry pipes then it’s a plumber that you need to call. Some plumbers do also have the qualifications to work on heating appliances, but you need to check that they are Gas Safe registered.

Commercial heating engineers and their role

Heating engineers deal with heating appliances that you find in the majority of properties. They deal with an extensive range of jobs but only on those set appliances. That can range from servicing and maintaining, to installations and repairs. Our commercial heating engineers work across Liverpool, Wirral and the majority of the North West.

All of our commercial heating engineers are Gas Safe registered which means they’re able and trained to deal with any of your heating service issues. We pride ourselves on carrying out work that allows all of our customers and clients to be able to access and benefit effective and efficient heating systems in their property.