As we’re quickly approaching winter, it’s important that you check that your heating system is in good working order. That includes businesses as well as home and community areas such as schools. That’s why we have put together a short check list with some common problems commercial boilers have to deal with.

We have years of experience in the commercial heating sector. And we’re proud to have engineers that are school heating servicing and breakdown specialists.

  • Noisy boiler

A noisy boiler means that your boiler probably isn’t working as efficiently as it should be. There are plenty of things causing those strange noises like low water pressure, limescale build up or even trapped air. But it’s worth getting it checked out as soon as you hear those noises to make sure you don’t have any serious damage.

  • Water leaking from the boiler

Water or steam leaking means that an internal piece is damaged or broken. This is quite serious and we’d recommend calling an engineer as soon as possible before the leak damages anything else. We’ve dealt with leaks that have been left undealt with for a while and they have caused structural issues as well as corrosion in the surrounding areas.

  • Pressure dropping

Loss of pressure can cause the boiler to work less efficiently or even stop working completely. This drop can be due to leaks or valve and pump issues, so it’s worth regularly checking the dials to make sure that the pressure is within the correct ranges.

  • Blockages

Limescale and other particles can build up and reduce efficiency which in turn would needlessly increase your energy bills.

We are school heating servicing and breakdown specialists

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